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Is boarding a good fit for my dog?

We accept dogs of various ages, but we do not recommend booking very young dogs and puppies. It is a very different environment than most young dogs are used to and the dog needs to be confident in itself before leaving it at a hotel. As a rule, we do not accept dogs under 1 year of age.

Both females and males, neutered and intact are welcome. Bitches in heat are also accepted, but please notify us beforehand.

For a pleasant and safe hotel stay, your dog should be comfortable being alone. The dogs are walked individually or in small groups, which means that staff are not always present inside the hotel. During the day on weekdays, the hotel staff also manage our daycare activities. At night, the hotel is unmanned, but we have camera surveillance with alarms.

We like to see that your dog understands basic commands and can walk nicely on a leash. This makes the stay more pleasant for both dog and staff and promotes everyone's safety. Your dog does not have to interact with other dogs during its stay with us, which makes it possible to also offer space for dogs that do not enjoy the company of other dogs.


Vaccinations and illness

All dogs at the hotel must have vaccinations against rabies, kennel cough, parvovirus and distemper in force. The dogs must not be sick. Exceptions for non-communicable diseases diagnosed by a veterinarian. Vaccination certificate is presented when leaving the dog. Dogs without the required vaccinations are denied a place at the hotel. We don't want to spread any infections!


For everyones safety

We do not accept dogs that show aggression towards people or that we judge to be a danger to themselves or our staff for any other reason. We also have the right to cancel a stay with immediate effect if the dog exhibits aggressive behavior that threatens the safety of the staff.

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