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Is my dog a good fit for daycare?


At the daycare, we usually accept dogs from the age of 1. Young dogs between 6-12 months can be accepted if possible, provided that the dog is potty trained and has good basic obedience.

No training or upbringing is included in the basic fee for a daycare spot. For younger dogs, an adolescence fee is added in addition to the regular daycare fee. Both females and males, neutered and intact, are part of our daycare pack. During heat, however, your bitch needs to be kept at home.

In order to be able to get a daycare place, there are certain skills your dog needs to master:

• Be receptive to dog language, a prerequisite for working well with other dogs.
• Be comfortable with being left alone with other dogs. The dogs are walked in smaller groups, which means that staff are not always present inside the daycare.
• Good everyday obedience. Everyday obedience means understanding basic commands such as Come, No, Sit, Quiet, Wait etc. and to be able to walk nicely on a leash. This facilitates daily routines and promotes the safety of both the dogs and the staff.
• Be potty trained.
• Not have an excessive interest in chewing, i.e. tendencies to chew furniture.


Vaccinations and illness

All dogs at daycare must have vaccinations against kennel cough, parvovirus and distemper in force. The dogs must not be sick. Exceptions for non-communicable diseases diagnosed by a veterinarian. If the dog has traveled outside of Finland or is used as a hunting dog, it should also have a current vaccination against rabies.


All dogs at daycare must be insured by their owner. If the dog causes material or physical damage, the owner is obliged to compensate in full.


For everyones security

Dogs that bite, show aggression towards humans or otherwise pose a danger to themselves or other daycare dogs may have their daycare spot terminated with immediate effect.

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