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Event feedback
Courses, lectures, training, etc.
Thank you for your participation in the event!
Tell us what you thought of it.
How satisfied are you with the event?
Very dissatisfiedA little dissatisfiedContentSatisfiedVery happy
How good was the contents?
Not at allA little bitRelevantVery relevantExtremely relevant
How good was the time and place?
Not at allSomewhatGoodVery goodPerfect
How would you rate the staff/lecturer?
BadOkayGoodVery goodExtremely good
Was the price good?
Not at allToo high/lowGoodVery goodCheap for the contents
Did the event meet your expectations?
Not at allSomewhatGoodVery goodAbove my expectations
What was the best part of this event?
Would you consider coming to another event?

Thank you for your feedback!

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