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Fyra Ben offers trimming and grooming of everyday hairstyles for most breeds. In our small grooming room, we accept both daycare and hotel dogs as well as outside dogs depending on the time. Entrance from the daycare entrance. Wait outside until staff come and invite you in.


Appointments can be booked both during the day and evening on weekdays and sometimes during the day on certain weekends. Get in touch in good time so we have time to find a free time slot before the coat becomes far too long or matted.

The time required for grooming can be hard to estimate. We adapt to the dog and take breaks if necessary. You hand in your dog at the agreed time and can then go and do other errands. We give you an estimated collection time when leaving and then notify you by phone/messenger if the dog is ready to be collected earlier or later than that.


We bathe, blow dry, cut, trim, pluck and cut nails according to your wishes. Note that sometimes there may be too many tangles, or other reasons, which means that we have to make a decision to cut differently than intended. We always have the dog's best interests as our top priority.

Bathing is usually mandatory to avoid our clippers becoming dull due to a lot of dirt and sand in the coat. You can also bathe the dog at home in advance to shorten the time spent with us.



Price is calculated per hour and varies depending on the method (plucking, scissor or clipper) and what extra things are desired (nail trim, lots of tangles, paw trims, baths, etc.). It can be difficult to give an exact price in advance as it may take longer than expected or situations may arise that suddenly require more care and attention than at first glance.

Get in touch for a price estimate before you book if you want to know in what ballpark it may be.


For everyones security

We do not accept dogs that require extra staff to handle when clipping. That is, dogs that are extremely afraid or that bite and for safety reasons would require an additional person in order not to cause damage to either dog or staff.

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