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About the Staff


Owner of Fyra Ben, which is a sub-company of Gröna Val, is Petra Berglund who also run the companies.


Petra grew up with dogs and has many years of experience in dog handling and is a trained dog daycare manager and certified Family Dog Mediator. More recently, she has also furthered her education as a dog groomer, animal psychologist and Canine Nutritionist. The list of future further education also includes courses for ethologist, physiotherapy for animals and continuation for veterinary assistant.


All her own dogs have always been, and still are, relocation dogs and shelter dogs with different types of backgrounds and conditions.


In 2011 Petra went to the USA and volunteered with the Animal Cops at the PSPCA in Philadelphia. There, she got to work closely side by side with the police, veterinarians, trainers and adoption staff to help animals who had become victims of abuse, starvation and neglect. This became a realization that Petra wanted to work with dogs and make life better for them in one way or another.


In addition to the work at Fyra Ben, Petra has lectured on several occasions about her time with the animal cops and furthers her education as often as time and opportunity allow. Agility and dog shows also take up a lot of free time. Petra has trained her own dog as a Friend Service Dog for the Red Cross and has shown two of her own dogs to Swedish and Finnish Show Champions. At the moment, she is training one of her own dogs to be a bed bug detection dog.


In the family, which consists of Petra and her husband and little son, there are also the dogs Teddie, Enter and Titus.

Petra is also a trained gardener and photographer originally.

Tina Loginoff Heinola

In Tina's life, there have always been dogs of a mixed compote, everything from lap dogs, working dogs and relocations. The things that make her heart beat the most are seniors, disabled and unwanted animals.

Tina has been educated at the Åland School of Agriculture, which included studies on small animals and farm animals, and completed several continuing education courses in both dog training, behavior and grooming.

She has also taken an ethology course at Kolmården, where she got to meet and learn about the behavior of wolves.

Tina comes up with all kinds of fun at work, such as the Dog Cafe, dog hikes and craft nights.


Currently, she has two small older chihuahuas, Peppy and Mårten.

Kajsa Hedström

Kajsa studied at a dog sports gymnasium as a youngster and then as an adult continued her education both in dog ethology as well as various forms of training and sports, both in Sweden and Finland. For a while she worked with sled dogs in Lapland and competed in obedience with her German shepherd mix.

After working with other animals for many years, she is back in the dog world and has come to Åland together with her Great Dane and French bulldog to work here at Fyra Ben.


You will also meet Kajsa when she teaches several of our courses.


Sabrina Storbjörk

Sabrina works part-time with us. She is a calm girl who likes order. Before this job, she is a trained animal caretaker and registered nurse. Her interest in animals has always been big. Since childhood, she has been involved with horses, but always dreamed of a dog of her own. When she got her first dog as an adult, the dog "geekery" also flourished. She has taken part in a bunch of lectures and courses focusing on dog behavior and signals, and the knowledge base continues to be replenished. An introductory course for grooming has also slipped by, and when given the opportunity she trains in the grooming space under the guidance of Petra.

Today she has a staffordshire bull terrier, Dargo. Together, they practice everyday obedience, rally obedience, nosework/chanterelle search at hobby level and have recently developed an eye for tracks. They also try to get in some running training. Last autumn they ran their first K9 Biathlon (obstacle course race), which was great fun.


Most of her free time is spent with the animals, in addition to a dog, she also has a cat and a horse.

Sofia Johansson

Sofia has worked as a fill-in at Fyra Ben since October -23. Sofia has always had a great interest in dogs and has dreamed of having her own dogs for as long as she can remember. She and her partner have recently had a working dog in the family, Chodsky Pes male Sam.

Sam taught Sofia so much and getting to raise and train with him was both challenging and great fun! Her interest in learning more about dogs, dog training and dog language and behavior grew, spurring her to start her ongoing education as a dog handler.

Being able to work at a dog daycare alongside your studies feels incredibly fun and educational!

Sofia is also a registered nurse and works with this. Right now, however, she is on maternity leave and at home with her daughter.

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