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Doggie Hotel

Are you going to travel and don't have the possibility to take the dog with you? Then our dog hotel can be of help! We offer boarding for both shorter and longer periods when you temporarily need to leave your dog.

Our hotel operations are located on a separate floor in the same building as the dog daycare. We have an airy room with high ceilings and 10 kennels in different sizes. The kennels are tiled to facilitate cleaning between visitors and furnished with comfortable furniture to give the dogs a safe, homely feeling. At the kennel doors, there are curtains to block the view of strange dogs if necessary. We also have the option of giving your dog a completely separate kennel if the presence of unknown dogs is stressful (please note that this kennel is intended for a dog weighing a maximum of 40 kg).

The hotel also has a common room where the dogs can play, e.g. in bad weather, cozy up on a sofa with the staff or be activated with various mind puzzles.

During their stay with us, your dog is assigned its own kennel. The size is adjusted according to the dog's weight, as we follow the mainland rules for kennel sizes. Dogs from the same household can share a kennel, but dogs that don't know each other are never put in the same kennel.

Excercise takes place on leash walks and loose in our play yards. We have 3-5 walks per day, where the morning pee starts at around 06.00 on weekdays and the last walk is around 21.00. On weekends, the times vary depending on the number of dogs and their activity level. With the consent of you as the owner, your dog can be given the opportunity to walk and/or play in the play yard together with other hotel dogs, provided that the staff finds a suitable match.


Booking a spot at the dog hotel is done via telephone 0401597002, Facebook message or e-mail

For new dogs, we send out a confirmation of your booking as well as information and forms (agreement and dog information) by e-mail. For dogs that have already been with us before and filled out the form for dog information and signed the agreement, there is no need to do it again, you just need to contact us for booking.

We archive the forms and take them out again when the dog comes to the hotel the next time.

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