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Depending on the weather and the dogs' physical conditions, the daily schedule may vary. Generally, there is at least one leashed walk per day plus free running outside in our play yards and breaks in between. The breaks are for all dogs to have a chance for peace and quiet and to wind down between activities.

No dog is forced to do any activity, if the dog doesn't want to go out in pouring rain or walk in intense heat, it doesn't need to.

The length of the activities may vary. In very cold or hot weather, the walks are often shorter, while for example we can be longer than usual in the play yards despite the heat as there is access to water and shade so the dogs can lie down and rest.

Indoors, the dogs are allowed to play with each other and play with toys, if it is not a break.

If the owner wishes, extra training can be done if there is time, e.g. learning tricks, agility training and dog show training, etc., for an extra fee.

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