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Daycare rules and terms

Here at Fyra Ben, we work according to certain rules to get a harmonious pack where all the dogs work together. This includes:

The dog as an individual:


  • The dog must respect its packmates. This means giving other dogs space and respecting when they mark boundaries. Boundary marking needs to be done in a correct, not excessive, way.

  • The dog needs to master everyday obedience.
  • The dog needs to be potty trained.
  • The dog needs to cope with moments without supervision when the staff is busy with other dogs or other tasks. Dogs with severe separation anxiety should not go to daycare.
  • Bitches in heat must stay at home during the heat to avoid chaos and possible mistakes at daycare. Sometimes there may be a free kennel for bitches in heat to stay in, without social interaction.
  • If the dog bites or exhibits aggressive behavior, the daycare spot can be terminated with immediate effect, without refund of the monthly fee.
  • If the dog damages or destroys property, goods, people or other dogs, the owner is obliged to compensate this.


Things the owner has to think about:

  • The dog must have private pet insurance.

  • The dog must be properly walked before leaving it at daycare to avoid accidents indoors.

  • The dog must always be leashed and under control in the area out of respect for the other tenants.

  • The dog is dropped off and picked up at designated times. Exceptions are made only by agreement in advance.

  • Extra stay beyond the daycare's regular opening hours are only arranged if possible and for an extra fee. Frequently occurring misuse of the opening hours leads to the dog being dismissed.

  • The need for extra daycare days beyond what has been agreed upon must be notified no later than the week before. Extra days are approved subject to space and an extra fee is added.

  • Changes to the agreed schedule must be notified in advance, e.g. if the dog stays at home or if the agreed drop-off/pick-up time changes.

  • The daycare fee is a fixed monthly fee that is paid in full, regardless of whether the dog makes full use of its spot or not. This also applies to bitches in heat. Changes in the agreed number of days per week (ie if the dog decreases in time or wants to increase the number of days) must be notified at least one month in advance. The monthly fee must be paid no later than the 15th of each month.

  • The daycare center is closed on weekends and public holidays without a reduction in the monthly fee. New Year's Eve, Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve and other non-red holidays, the daycare closes at 4:00 p.m.

  • If the daycare is forced to remain closed, e.g. due to illness of the staff or for other reasons no fee is charged.

The staff's working ethic:


  • There must be no form of hierarchy, all dogs are on the same level and treated equally.

  • The dogs are divided into smaller groups depending on which other dogs they fit best with, based on the staff's professional assessment.

  • Exercise and activity level are based on the individual dog's needs and conditions as well as the weather. No dog is forced to be active, however, they must go out to pee at least once during the day.

  • Dogs can be temporarily put in individual kennels at drop-off and pick-up times, if necessary due to the noise level or stress of the dog.

  • Sometimes the staff may have to leave the daycare unsupervised for a while, e.g. due to an urgent doctor's visit or veterinary visit. Replacement staff are called in if the absence exceeds one hour.

  • The dogs are not allowed to play on leash, nor frequent stops on the walks solely for marking.

  • For safety reasons, no flexi leashes are used at the daycare.

  • The dogs are not allowed to greet oncoming dogs/people, neither during leashed walks nor during stay in the play yards.

  • Dirty dogs = Happy dogs 😄

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