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The Daycare


At Fyra Ben dog daycare, we offer regular dog sitting on weekdays. With us, your dog is part of a daycare pack in a homelike environment. The dogs are divided into smaller groups and stay loose both indoors and outside in fenced in play yards. Separate kennels are available but are only used temporarily if the need arises due to, for example, illness, sudden injury or stress. Some dogs may also appreciate the privacy in connection with drop-off and pick-up times or as a break from other daycare dogs during the day. We work for a safe and pleasant pack dynamic where all dogs accept each other.

With us, the dogs receive the same care as if they were part of the family. 


Depending on the weather and the dogs' physical conditions, the daily schedule may vary. Generally, there is at least one leashed walk per day, free running and play outside in the play yards and breaks in between. The breaks are for the dogs to have a chance to relax and unwind between activities.

No dog is forced into an activity, if the dog doesn't want to go out in torrential rain or walk in intense heat, we adapt accordingly. Indoors, there is also the opportunity for the dogs to play with each other and play with toys, if it is not a break.

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