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Before the boarding

Do you wish to book a hotel boarding for your dog? Reach out to us!


If this is your dogs first stay, we would also like you to tell us a little about your dog. If the dog is not used to being away from you, we would like you to book a visit with us before we book the dog's first stay at the hotel. You can then come and familiarize yourself with our premises, look around and your dog can get to know all the new smells and impressions. We can also offer one or more trial days to give the dog a soft start before a longer stay.

Before the first stay, you must also, in addition to the agreement, fill in an information sheet about your dog. All so that we can give your dog as individual a stay as possible. We archive the forms and take them out again when the dog comes the next time.


Drop-off and Pick-up routines


When booking a stay, times are also booked for dropping off and picking up your dog.
As a rule, it is possible to book drop-off and pick-up:
Weekdays between 09:00-16:00 and 17:30-20:00.
Weekends and holidays between 09:30-13:30 and 18:30-19:00 (Saturdays until 20:00).

We do not accept unannounced visits and ask you to please respect the agreed times as we juggle to make it fit in with the day-to-day operations.

Repeated abuse of agreed times can lead to your dog being black listed as it affects all our operations and all other customers' dogs.

Payment of the hotel stay (card or cash) and presentation of vaccination certificate is made when dropping off the dog.

Walk your dog before leaving it at the hotel. We have several dogs to walk and sometimes we may have to go a couple of walks before it is your dog's turn.

Keep your dog on a lead when you enter the hotel. Even if your dog is friendly, there may be other hotel guests who do not appreciate your dog looking into their kennel. We also ask you as the owner not to greet other hotel dogs for the same reason.


What do you need to pack?


When your dog comes for boarding with us, we want you to pack the following:

• Collar/harness and leash.
• Reflective wear during the dark seasons.
• Food. If your dog eats MUSH raw food or Buddy dry food, it is possible to buy these on site. Please let us know in good time so that we have time to ensure that we have the right product in stock.
• Any medications or supplements your dog uses, as well as chews or rawhide bones.
• Something with its home scent on it, e.g. a blanket, bed, toy or dad's old shirt.
• Vaccination certificate (presented when leaving the dog).

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