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Veterinary days

In collaboration with ARRiVET veterinary clinic, we offer veterinary days for all our daycare customers.
This happens approximately twice a year.
You won't have to find a time that you can get away from work to take your dog to the vet. Instead, the vet comes to your dog and you don't even have to be there. On the veterinary days, minor examinations and treatments are offered such as vaccinations, dental check-ups, prescription renewals, deworming for travel, simple health checks, etc. directly at the daycare at a discounted price.

To participate, you must register your dog with our staff and tell them what you want done. The dog must be in ARRiVET's register in advance. If it is not yet there, it is fine to contact ARRiVET directly or get a registration form from us that you then fill in and send to ARRiVET.
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