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Activities and events

We offer different activities that you can do with your dog. Current activities can be found on our Facebook-page. If you have any specific activity you would wish for, please feel free to reach out to us!


Doggie café

Come and have coffee together with your dog. At the daycare facility, you can sit in separate rooms or outdoors if the dog is not completely comfortable with social contexts. If the dog is uncomfortable, we recommend coming without a dog. This is not a training opportunity for dogs that need more help, but a chance for dog owners to have coffee and meet others together with their dog. We have cakes and treats for both two- and four-legged friends for sale.


Playdates for adult dogs and puppies

Puppy playdates and playdates for all ages are a new concept we started where we only emphasize meeting other dogs and playing in a good and safe way. Here, the staff hold one or more playdates per month outside in our play yards. Each event costs €5/dog.



Join a hike with other dogs and dog people. A perfect opportunity to socialize our dogs without having to play. At the same time, we get to talk with other like-minded people, broaden our horizons and maybe discover completely new hiking trails and walking paths. Staff is always present. €5/dog.

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